Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And typewriters...

Posting the scene from Marriage of the Blessed brought up in conversation with a friend another famously unusual typewriter scene from a film. In David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch, William Lee's (Burroughs') typewriter becomes a literal character. In fact, all typewriters are found to be living, alien-like entities. At first, we think it's the bug-powder...but then...not so much. It's all so eerie and strange and...Cronenberg. I loved this film, though it's not really an adaptation of Naked Lunch so much as a surreal imagining of the crazy inner-workings of William S. Burroughs' mind.

Anyway, a scene from the film:

And just for fun--a Burroughs pumpkin:

This film actually inspired me to buy a vintage typewriter of my own (whose name is, of course, Clark Nova). It looks very similar to this one:

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