Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ice Ice

I really, really wanted a glass of ice water this morning, but all three of our ice trays in the freezer were completely empty--I hate that. Anyway, I poked around online to find pictures of ice water that would alleviate my frustration, and came across some interesting ice pictures I thought I'd share.

Apparently this is Lake Sammamish in the 1950s...with ice on it.

And here's an ice bar in Thailand. I really wanted to go to one of these when I was in Vegas, but first of all the cover would've been ridiculous, and fun would an ice bar be? I mean, sure the novelty of having ice chairs, ice walls, ice glasses, ice tables would be cool for the first...15 minutes? Then you'd be cold and completely unattractive as you'd have to wear one of these unflattering parka type deals (see picture for evidence). Meh.

And finally, a cool 1950s ice skater:

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