Thursday, October 29, 2009

Learning to Love You More

I've harbored a love for Miranda July for a very long time now. It's not one of those loves that burns you up inside so you can't sleep, nor does it hit me every day or even every month. It's one of those feelings for a person that sneaks up on you in the quiet every so often, and you just realize that they are perfect and wonderful--a still kind of loving.

I've also always meant to do the Learning to Love You More assignments--all of them. But I've always wanted to do them in a way that I could share them, and since the site stopped accepting submissions, I wasn't sure how I'd do that.

So now, dear readers, I think I'll do them, a little at a time, and share them with you.

Because Miranda is a special kind of person, and I am a special kind of person--compelled, I suppose you might say...

Expect to see them periodically.

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