Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Next Toy

Barnes & Noble recently announced their new e-book reader (to compete with the up-to-this-point-I-totally-coveted-it Kindle/Kindle 2). It's called "Nook", and looks...pretty amazing actually. I've been wanting an e-book reader ever since I noticed how great e-ink technology looks--and since I've gotten far enough into the English major that I'm hauling five or six books around with me at all times. Phew.

The color screen at the bottom is a nice addition, and it's a touch screen that seems as easy and classy-looking as any iPhone or (what I own) Android phone. Plus, the B&N reader can hold up to 1500 books, comes with *free* Wi-Fi, and lets you upload and play your MP3s. You can also read one free e-book every time you visit a B&N store--just like browsing a bookstore with tactile books! (What a concept!)

It doesn't release until the end of I have plenty of time to save for it.

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