Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Road

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for this film. I've literally been waiting for it (read: stalking film blogs) for over a year! Cormac McCarthy is an utter genius, and for the few years that I was a Creative Writing major, a total inspiration. His prose is succinct, brutal, and straight to the deep-down marrow of it all. The Road is, arguably, his best novel yet--and I still cannot read it without crying. And mind you, this isn't simply sniffling, this is wracking, chest-heaving sobs of complete loss and despair. Yeah, he's that good.

Anyway, the trailer for the film looks awesome:

What's just as exciting as the trailer is the soundtrack, which I've just heard was scored by Nick Cave. If you don't know him, please Google him. He's an incredible artist.

Here's the title theme from the upcoming soundtrack:


  1. andrew is really excited for this film as well. Cormac McCarthy is his favorite author. he has told me all kinds of stories from his books(because i like spoilers and don't feel like reading them myself). child of god was my fav... or it was the most intense... ha

  2. Andrew has good taste! McCarthy is just an amazing writer. I'm hoping this will be good. =)