Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Another arty post for the day...

Caitlin sent me a link to a blog with weird doll work from various artists. It introduced me to a few new people, and made me recall old loves (the Brothers Quay, Svankmajer's Alice, among others).

"The Moffet Twins" by D.L. Marian (found here)

couldn't find the title for this guy, but it's by Shain Erin (and can be seen here)

I also love, love the Brothers Quay. My favorite has to be their "Street of Crocodiles", but this shorter (and earlier) piece is exemplary of their work.

and finally, a clip from Svankmajer's Alice, too weird for words (but I adore parts of it...just can't get through it in one sitting).

Thanks Caitlin!

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  1. OMG I loved "Street Of Crocodiles" when I saw it in class. Seriously spooky... somehow I never knew that screws unscrewing themselves could be simultaneously beautiful and terrifying.