Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Roles Revisited

Possibly one of the cooler photoshoots I've seen. This is from Empire magazine's 20th anniversary issue--they had film stars photographed in creative recreations of their (arguably) most famous roles. I can't find all of the photos, but you can see the ones I've found after the jump.

I thought these were so cool that I subscribed to Empire magazine for more such things. It's an international subscription (UK magazine), so I thought it would be too pricey--in fact, when I saw that it would be £35 I kind of freaked. However, the British pound has dropped so low in value! It's currently one U.S. dollar to .60  British pounds. So the magazine was only about $20! Yay!

I'm so excited to get my first issue! I'll report on its awesomeness as soon as I read it. Now all we need is the yen to drop...I want to import a Nintendo DSi that isn't ugly.

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