Sunday, May 2, 2010

#52 Write the phone call you wish you could have

Me: Um…hello?

A: Hi Lauren…

Me: A? Is that you?!

A: Yeah…I got your number on Facebook. Sorry if that’s weird
Me: No, it’s ok…what’s up?

A: I wanted to talk to you…you know, about everything.

Me: Oh.

A: I just wanted to say, I’m sorry about how things turned out between us. I realize that what I did…wasn’t the best way to do things. I really hurt you, and I regret that.

Me: ….

A: I know that you’ve tried to reach out to me several times, and that I was cold to you…I shouldn’t have done that. You were always such a good friend, and I know that just because of that one incident, I shouldn’t have changed my whole opinion about you. I’m sorry.

Me: Um, it’s ok. I’ve moved past that now A.

A: I just hope that even if we can’t be friends anymore…maybe we could at least acknowledge each other? Wave or smile when we pass instead of looking away?

Me: I can try that. I’m glad you called—even though I’ve had a good life so far, it did always weigh on me. You really hurt me, but I’m glad to hear that you’re recognizing that and moving on too.

A: I guess I’ll see you around?

Me: Yeah, I guess you will.

A: Bye Lauren.

Me: Bye A.


Part of an ongoing series of projects.

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