Wednesday, June 2, 2010

#29 Make an audio recording of a choir

A recording of the Nelsen Middle School Choir (of which my brother James is a member). Wonderful concert, wonderful singers, awesome project to brighten up my Dead Week. :)

Some of the song titles I had to guess on...but you get the gist.

Firefly (6th Grade Mixed Choir)

Firefly sound bite

Aura Lee (solo by Casi Goodman)

04 Track 04 sound bite

Unknown Animal Song (7th and 8th Grade Treble Choir)

08 Track 08 sound bite

The Heart's Friend (Shoshone Love Song)

09 Track 09 sound bite

Pura Vida (7th/8th Grade Concert Choir)

13 Track 13 sound bite

Pie Jesu

14 Track 14 sound bite


Part of an ongoing series of projects.
15 Track 15 sound bite

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