Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meteor Meteor

Thursday night (or rather, Friday morning between 12am-3am) is the best time for those of us in North America to view the Perseid meteor shower. According to all the articles this past week, this year will be one of the best for seeing the shower, as there's a new moon and lots and lots of pretty comets-per-hour. I remember a few years back when the Perseid came by, but the full moon washed out all but the most stubborn meteors.

Having recently seen Joanna Newsom in concert (as you may have gathered from my post a few days back), I'll probably have "Emily" chiming through my head the entire time I watch the comets. In fact, it's already chiming around in there, at least the chorus is...

Meteor showers always make me stare at the sky and start thinking those big, freaky questions about how insignificant we all are (such a tiny dot on a slightly bigger tiny blue dot in an immense blackness)...but I'm similarly comforted by the small joys of holding someone's hand in the Perseid meteor shower, and snuggling deeper into piles of blankets and sleeping bags to enjoy the show.

Joanna Newsom--Emily

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